World’s Smallest Camera Sensor is Here


Omni Vision, a creator of digital imaging has apparently secured a place in the Guinness book of world records. The company has announced the creation of world’s smallest image sensor. The sensor, ‘CameraCubeChip’ will likely aid medical applications.

The company announced the new sensor in a press release on its website. Its representatives say that the camera will aid endoscopes. Additionally, it can capture really tiny parts of the body. So, blood vessel components like spine, eye parts, nerves, inside joints, and heart can all be within reach.

This could be a major game-changer for the healthcare sector. Recently, the FDA noted that reuse of endoscopes requires prevention. The use of this new camera promises to solve the challenge.

These Specs Don’t Need an Inspection!

Additionally, the camera comes equipped with a 120-degree vision. This enables it to process 200*200 resolution and capture videos at 30 fps. The new technology also enables transfer of data to a distance of four meters. The sensor also consumes less power (25 mW). Moreover, it can stay inside patient bodies for longer durations.

Among its other features, the body is shaped as a wafer, which will be an exciting new change. This sizes about 0.65 mm x 0.65 mm square in length. Furthermore, it is just 1.158 mm thick and can be ideal for applications like endoscopes.  These are required to study a detailed view of miniscule objects. Additionally, the makers promise that it can be used with catheters and guidewires.

The current technology in the market has been a cause for concern for patients. Apart from the recent FDA mention, the technology has also led to invasive and painful surgeries. Additionally, the new technology also promises to expand in application in areas like dentistry, veterinary science, and others in the industry.

The rising demand for technological innovation and continuous investments in new technologies like these is a promising sign for healthcare sector.

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