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BaySaver Technologies Introduces Advanced Storm Water Filtration Unit

BaySaver Technologies, a storm water treatment solutions provider, has introduced Barracuda™ S4, a hydrodynamic separator, which removes debris and sediment from storm water to protect water resources. It is a high-performance technology designed with revolutionary patent pending internal “teeth,” which removes total suspended solids. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at ADS, Joe Chlapaty, said that evolving needs related to storm water management is demanding for more advanced methods to efficiently execute water treatment processes. The Barracuda S4 is a major step towards providing cost-effective and holistic water management solutions to their customers.

Barracuda S4, Designed for Easy Maintenance and Inspection

The Barracuda S4, offers easy maintenance and inspection, quick installation, flexible inlet/outlet positioning, and multiple pipe configurations, and it is designed to be used in a single manhole configuration. It can be easily maintained by vacuum truck or similar machines and inspection is done from the surface without any confined space entry.

Advanced Drainage System provides comprehensive suits of superior drainage solutions and water management products to be used in infrastructure and construction market place. It is one of the leading manufacturers of high performance thermoplastic corrugated pipe and their products are used across a wide range of applications and end markets. Leveraging distribution platform and national sales, the company has established a leading position is many end markets such as infrastructure, agriculture, residential, and non-residential. The company founded in 1966, operates a global network of around 30 distribution centers and 60 manufacturing plants.

The introduction of Barracuda S4 is allows the company to provide technologically advanced solutions for storm water treatment and is seen as a benchmark in the market.

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