artificial intelligence

A new research details how an automated system powered by artificial intelligence can lead to the efficacious production of lycopene. Lycopene is a red-color pigment present in tomatoes in abundance. The wide use of lycopene lies as a food colorant. This opens new vistas for its application in several biosynthetic applications. The study shows how an automated system can learn, test, build, and design complicated biochemical pathways to make lycopene.


Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have invented a power saving chip. This would considerably lessen or completely do away with the need to replace batteries in devices and gadgets running on Internet of Things (IoT). The wake-up receiver wakes up a gadget or a wearable only when needed to do its chores or communicate. It also enables the gadget to remain dormant for the rest of the

Plastic Waste

Three of the largest soft-drink companies in the world have embarked on a journey to save the world from plastics. Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi Co have launched Every Bottle Back initiative. This program promises to offer significant solutions to plastic waste in the United States. According to Coca-Cola representative, there are three key aspects that need our immediate attention to solve the plastic crisis. These three including sorting,


There is never a dearth of news from Google, is there? Google’s parent company Alphabet is creating a ripple with potential acquisition of FitBit, a leading wearable brand.  FitBit is known for transforming the wearable technology and its recent failing too. Spokesperson of both companies declined to comment. However, the shares of FitBit rose by 27%. Earlier, FitBit became the first brand to popularize wearable technology with quality software, great


In the last few years, researchers have developed drones to inspect offshore sites. However, most of these products do not function on their own, failing to eliminate human intervention. Now, researchers from the United Kingdom have developed a drone that autonomously insects offshore sites. According to the researchers, the product can help cut down cost and time spent for repair and inspection. Human Intervention Only for Serious Repair Most offshore