Silicon Modules

A research conducted at Arizona State University in the field of solar energy revealed the possibility of producing electricity by harnessing the energy produced by tandem photovoltaic cells based on silicon. The new photovoltaic Silicon Modules cells are projected to be much more efficient in producing electricity as against the current cells, and the former are soon expected to glut the US markets. A research paper that compares the costs and

High Power Batteries

The optimization of battery power has been on the top of the minds of several researchers and research institutes. In a similar feat, a team of researchers at Cambridge University have found out a blend of lithium ions and crystalline structures that can help in Manufacturing High Power Batteries. This blend enables the lithium ions to travel faster through the electrode materials, thus, enabling the maximization of battery life. Tungsten

Chemist Robot

The use of artificial intelligence has spanned across several new and old sectors or industries. Along the same lines, scientists have also discovered ways of deploying artificial intelligence techniques to help in the discovery and synthesis of molecules and reactions. The researchers an chemists at the University of Glasgow have lately revealed their feat of training a Chemist Robot that uses artificial intelligence to discover various types of chemical reactions.

Efficient Batteries

Producing green energy has become the top-most priority of the energy sector in recent times. In a similar feat, University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC)’s team of researchers came together with a research team at Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP) to find ways of designing Efficient Batteries that produce greater energy and last longer. It was found that the use of salt in a rechargeable battery helped in the


Mozilla, the creator of Open source browser Firefox, to develop a new browser which is based on Android operating system, reports Android Headlines on Sunday. The new browser named Fenix is targeted towards the tech-savvy youngsters, who are always online and browse the internet mostly through their android smartphones. It is believed that the Mozilla contributors were more focused and active on the project since June reported GitHub’s version history