Clean Energy

The US-based NextEra Energy Resources, LLC recently began its operations at Shaw Creek Solar Energy Center, Aiken, South Carolina. This facility is the latest addition to its solar energy-producing facilities. Matt Handel is the vice president of development, NextEra Energy Resources. He expressed much joy to provide customers with renewable and clean energy form this new plant. Meanwhile, NextEra Energy Resources is the largest producer of energy from renewable sources


Study states that an innovative business model is set for the future. This new business model is capturing and using abundant and harmful carbon dioxide. The gas is the byproduct of almost every reaction that takes place in the world. Be it a chemical formation or a compound generation, CO2 is one of the products. Even we as humans add to the growing number of CO2 particles in the atmosphere.


Chemical energy is capable of offering a more sustainable world, believes James McKone, at chemical engineering department of University of Pittsburgh. Believing in this strongly, the researcher is exploring ways for chemical industry to make use of renewable electricity. Renewable Electricity Used as Primary Energy Source in this Research Dr. Steven Little, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Swanson School, said that his work confirms a fact already known. Lab


Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have synthesized new chemicals which promise to replace polymers. These chemicals, more efficient and robust than polymers, dubbed as bundlers may usher a new era in material discovery. The researchers worked closely with the U.S Department of Energy to bring this discovery to life. Polymers are widespread in products like tyres, shampoos, clothes, and a million more. Polymers consist of small chain-like sub-units called


Researchers at Ruhr-Univeritat Bochum in Germany and University of New South Wales in Australia are onto converting CO2 into byproducts. As per these researchers, it can be converted to valuable resources. Basically, they used the principle of enzymes where the chemicals use multi-step reactions to produce complex molecules. When mechanism is transposed on metallic nanoparticles, carbon dioxide produced ethanol and propanol.  And, it is important to note here that are