The properties of ethanol have been studied for a long time now, and the primary reason behind such exhaustive studies is to excavate the potential held by ethanol for climate protection. An advanced diesel engine developed at TU Wien can run on 70% bioethanol, a commendable value for the energy sector. The engine developed by TU Wien simultaneously deploys two fuels viz. diesel and bioethanol, the former being used for

Global Aerospace Glass Market is likely to register double digit CAGR during 2017 to 2025 | TMR

Aerospace glass is used in aero-structures in order to save weight, increase payload capacity, and improve fuel efficiency. It is commonly found in secondary structural parts such as cargo liners, floors, seats, and other interior applications where weight-saving up to 20% is easy to achieve. Fiberglass composites are the commonly used aerospace glass products in the aviation industry. Fiberglass composites are distinguished by their excellent fatigue, impact, and temperature resistance.

Global Acrylamide Market Research Report Explores The Industry Trends For The Forecast Period, 2016-2024 | TMR

According to seasoned analysts, the global acrylamide market could be segmented according to end use, where wastewater and water treatment is expected to secure a larger share. Buyers of the report are exposed to some of the critical elements of the global acrylamide market which could help them to rise above the odds and gain a foothold in the industry. Factors such as drivers and restraints, opportunities, and competitive landscape

Global Soy-based Surfactants Market Trends by Types and Application, Forecast Analysis to 2026 | TMR

Soy-based surfactants are of importance due of their natural origin, abundant supply, and multiple functionalities. These surfactants are available in the form of soy lecithin, soy protein, and soy saponin. They are often used in combination with synthetic surfactants to reduce the amount of synthetic surfactants. Currently various technologies are available for modifying soybean-based surfactants to achieve improved functionalities. Increase in environmental awareness and rise in usage of renewable resources

Global 4-Nitro Aniline Market Estimated To Experience A Hike In Growth By 2023

Amines have a significant role in the biology and chemical industry. Aniline and its derivatives are used in the production of pesticides, dyes, and antioxidants. 4-Nitroaniline is used as an intermediate in the production of antiozonants and gasoline additives and pigments. Few para-substituted derivatives of aniline are confined anesthetics and within these molecules, the amino group plays a significant role in the interface with the parallel receptor. 4-Nitroaniline, also known