Solar Energy

Researchers at the University of Houston have come up with a new device. The new device is likely to feature capture and storing of solar energy as long needed. This new device offers promise for a wide variety of applications that ranges from desalination to distillation to power generation. Unlike solar cells and solar panels that depend on photovoltaic technology for the production of electricity, this hybrid device catches solar


Scientists working with Mars rover mission of NASA, Mars 2020 have a new finding. They have come across a place that could be one of the most suitable places to search for signs of ancient life. It is Jazero Crater and the rover will make a landing there on February 18, 2021. Additionally, the study detects very distinct deposits of minerals known as carbonates along the inner edge of Jezero.


A team of researchers led by Jessica Cantlon put forward the result of their study. The focus of the study was to calculate the efficiency of the brains of boys and girls. It was a common stereotype that women were not as good as men in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM). However, the research the team at Mellon University proves that men and women have similar brains

Deep Learning

In a new development, a team of researchers at UCLA have devised a technique that expands the capabilities of fluorescence microscopy. This allows researchers to label parts of living cells and tissues precisely using dyes that illuminate under special lighting. Researchers employed artificial intelligence to convert two-dimensional images into vertical assembly of virtual three-dimensional slices. This slicing displays activities inside organisms. Not only this, the framework for the study called

Artificial Photosynthesis

Researchers from the Brookhaven National Laboratory have increased the effectiveness of a chemical combination. The combination splits water molecules and captures light. Therefore, the purpose of such an invention is to enable building blocks to generate hydrogen fuels. Additionally, this study offers a platform for the development of groundbreaking improvements in the process of artificial photosynthesis. This artificial photosynthesis is a lab-based copy of the natural photosynthesis, which comes with