Perovskite Solar Cells

A merger led by ICIQ’s Palomares group will help get better analysis about effect of changing materials in perovskite solar cells. The collaboration deepens the performance analysis in this case. Energy and Environmental Science, a peer-reviewed journal, published the report. The report provides the structure of elements of solar cells, fueling their business appeal. Perovskite is a mineral consisting mainly of calcium titanate. It is yellow, black, and brown in


There is no second thought that science and technology has come a long way. The credit of another such example of an exceptional discovery goes to researchers at University of Central Florida. UCF researchers have developed a method to control speed of light. Not just that, the research also claims that light, if controlled, could travel backwards. The researchers used spatial light modulator a special device, to blend time and

artificial intelligence

Advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to development of machines and systems that supersede human brains. It has opened new doors for data management and analysis with the help of precise statistical data. Researchers are now working on diversifying the applications of AI. The healthcare industry serves as major platform for the adoption and development of AI. However, collecting and analyzing extensive amount of patient data is a challenge

Low Temperature Chemical Conversion

The field of chemistry has seen a great deal of advancements owing to perpetual research and development activities. Scientists have always emphasized on speeding up chemical reactions to get optimal results. However, there are several bottlenecks in driving a chemical conversion process at low temperature. The generation of carbon dioxide in these chemical reactions is one of the major issues. The researchers from U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National

Childhood Brain Cancer

Childhood brain cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths of children between five and eight years. The prognosis of these patients totally depends on the type of tumor. DIPG (Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) is one of the most threatening brain cancers as it affects the pons. They act as a link between the brain and the spinal cord and are extremely sensitive. Tumors located at sensitive areas are