Life Style

Life Style

Iron Deficiency

In a new finding, researchers discover a gene that controls the regulation of iron consumption in plants. The finding brings hope for more than 2 billion people affected with iron deficiency across the globe. Additionally, this discovery plays an important role in augmenting iron potency of crops like cassava, wheat, and rice. These crops constitute the staple diets of most of the people on earth.  Iron Uptake and Storage Strictly

Video Gaming

The ever-expanding empire of Google LLC has now made a foray into the gaming zone with its Stadia cloud service. This new offering from Google allows people to play console-quality video games on a smartphone or a web browser. The search engine giant anticipates to make it big in the video gaming industry and is also anticipated to fetch US$ 150 bn this year. Google expects that with cloud technology

Food Security

Scientists have discovered the structure of one of the important elements of photosynthesis. This discovery could lead to ‘redesigning’ of photosynthesis to obtain a better yield. It could also cater to the immediate need for food security. Meanwhile, the University of Sheffield, the U.K., conducted this path-breaking research, which could open up a new era in food security. The findings of the research published in Nature, a renowned scientific journal.

Deep Sleep

Researchers have made a discovery that to reset and calm the stressed brain is to get deep sleep. Alternately, the state is termed non-rapid eye movement (NREM) slow –wave sleep. It refers to a physical state of high synchronization of neural oscillations. This results drop in blood pressure and heart beat rate.  Macbeth once aptly said sleep is the “balm of hurt minds”. It plays a significant role in the


A new study by the Oxford University Press states that dogs can provide better therapy to a patient for mental wellbeing.  It also states having dogs positively impacts on people who want to improve their mental health. The study is the brainchild of University of Western Australia and Telethon Kids Institute and is one of its kind. It looks into the positive aspects of dog ownership for mental health for