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Life Style

Too Much Use of Cell Phones Making Individuals Less Efficient

An Australian investigation found a hop in ‘technoference’ in the course of recent years. They found that an extreme amount of utilization of cell phones was influencing individuals to be less productive and lose sleep. Scientists from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia studied 709 cell phone users all over Australia. They took individuals from 18 year old to 83 year old almost a year ago. At that point,

Rocking Chair helps to Boost Memory and Improves Sleep

A new study reveals the benefits of rocking motion for sleep – one conducted in young adults and other one in mice. The result shows that the rocking chair leads to better sleep and boosts memory consolidation. Even if the volunteers are all good sleepers, when rocked they fall asleep more rapidly and experience deep sleep. This has also resulted in less arousal during the night, thus evincing rocking is

YouTubers’ Emotions Influences Audience: Study

An active YouTube user? Then, you are most likely to mirror the emotions of the YouTubers you follow. A study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science has revealed this trend. Not just that, you are also bound to mingle with the crowd that reflects similar ideas. Correlation between the YouTuber and Audience’s Emotions The phenomenon of being influenced by other’s emotions is called as “contagion”. “Homophily” is

Organic Farming Can Damage the Climate

In the past few years, the demand for organic products has increased significantly. It is the general notion that organic products are far much better for health than conventional products. But, according to new research, organic farming may have a larger impact on climate. As organic farming require a larger area for farming that reduces the area for forests because of deforestation. This international study involved the Chalmers University of

New Study Depicts that Low Gluten Diet Might Be Beneficial

A new study has emerged that shows that when new people eat a low gluten diet and fiber-rich diet as compared to high-gluten diet, they witness less discomfort that includes less degree of bloating. More Insights into the Fiber Rich Diet Study Changes in composition and functioning of gut bacteria are primary responsible for the above mentioned bloating and other effects. The new study depicts that a modest weight loss