Electricity Investments

Overall Electricity Investments Supersede Investments in Oil and Gas

Two of the primary areas where huge sums of funds are channeled by governments and international bodies are electricity and oil and gas. However,...
Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Could Soon Work Efficiently In Cold Conditions

It is common knowledge that conventional lithium-ion batteries cannot be rapidly charged at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And this is a prime issue...
Next Generation Heaters

Generation of Heat through Next Generation Heaters

Heating and cooling of buildings, houses, and office spaces holds key significance for various geographical regions. The energy sector has been making ardent efforts...


Chemist Robot

Discovery of New Types of Reactions and Molecules through Chemist Robot

The use of artificial intelligence has spanned across several new and old sectors or industries. Along the same lines, scientists have also discovered ways...

Life Style


Dealing with Acrophobia through Virtual Whale Ride

Acrophobia, the fear of heights, haunts a large population of people across the world, and several factors could be responsible for the presence of...

Eco-Housing to Open Avenues for Sustainable Living

Sustainable living has been a major concern for government, international organizations, and stakeholders in the energy sector. Yale University and UN Environment, in collaboration...
Efficient Trucks

Cleaner and More Efficient Trucks to Replace Heavy-Duty Trucks

The largest contributor to air pollution is the escalating number of vehicles powered on petrol, diesel, and gasoline. Air pollution has reached unprecedented levels...