Next Generation Heaters

Generation of Heat through Next Generation Heaters

Heating and cooling of buildings, houses, and office spaces holds key significance for various geographical regions. The energy sector has been making ardent efforts...

Hydrogen could Replace 30% of UK’s Natural Gas

A research conducted at the University of Swansea has pointed to favourable developments in the energy sector of the UK. The need for natural...
Renewable Power

Renewable Power Witnessed Soaring Growth in 2017: REN21 Report

Renewable power represented 70 percent of net augmentations to worldwide power creating limit in 2017, the biggest increment in renewable power limit in current...

Life Style

Efficient Trucks

Cleaner and More Efficient Trucks to Replace Heavy-Duty Trucks

The largest contributor to air pollution is the escalating number of vehicles powered on petrol, diesel, and gasoline. Air pollution has reached unprecedented levels...
AI in Food and Beverage Industry

How AI is Transforming the Food and Beverage Industry

Food and beverage organizations are moving in the direction of manmade brainpower to (AI) help scale new items and remain beneficial in a day...
Seawater Desalination

How Seawater Desalination May Impact the Globe

As generally seen benign, seawater desalination is not without environmental concerns of its own. All over the world, in thermal desalination plants, seawater feed...