Renewable Energy

Creating a Viable Mix of Renewable Energy across Nordic Countries

A study conducted at Uppsala University expounds that the Nordic countries could meet their energy requirements by solely depending upon renewable energy. One of...
3-D printing

Advancements in 3-D Printing to Generate Promising Opportunities

In the last few years, 3-D printing market has been gaining immense popularity across diverse applications. The market is not only expanding, but has...


Solar Storage Technology

Researchers from Texas University Develop Single System Solar Storage Technology

The University of Texas' Cockrell School of Engineering has built up a framework incorporating solar power and capacity frameworks with the possibility to reduce...

Life Style

Seawater Desalination

How Seawater Desalination May Impact the Globe

As generally seen benign, seawater desalination is not without environmental concerns of its own. All over the world, in thermal desalination plants, seawater feed...
Palm-Oil Waste

Converting Palm-Oil Waste into Renewable Energy

Palm Oil is an important ingredient in various foods and beverages, and the manufacture of palm oil is a herculean process. The wastes generated...
Plastics into Energy

Converting Plastics into Energy to Reduce Wastes

Australia has been making ardent efforts to ensure that their waste management system changes for the better. The traditional techniques of land filling and...