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Organic Photovoltaic Cells

Organic Photovoltaic cells have been revolutionizing the energy domain over the past decade, and researchers have continually invented new models of photovoltaic cells with enhanced efficiency. Along similar lines, a team of researchers in China conducted extensive research and testing to produce high-efficiency photovoltaic cells. The efficiency achieved by these photovoltaic cells is easily the highest amongst all the marks recorded over the past decades. The efforts to produce efficient

Wastewater Contaminants

The availability of potable or clean water has been an indispensable need across the globe, and several techniques and technologies have been developed to purify wastewater. The scientists at Rice University have also come up with a new technology that can help in removing the wastewater contaminants. The engineers at Rice University’s lab are in the process of developing a treatment system that can help in extracting toxins from factory

Energy Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of the residential sector has been a key concern of several organizations and research entities. Along similar lines, the Urban Institute at University of Manchester presented research findings that reveal several benefits of improving the efficiency of the residential sector. The research study points to an array of factors such as economic productivity, human health, urbanization, and environmental quality that could be improved as a result of

Plans to Power Steel Industry through Clean Energy in Austria

Scientists, researchers, and environmentalists are on a quest to find environment-friendly ways of clean energy production. Along the same lines, a team of researchers has put forth the world’s largest pilot project for producing green hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel has several applications such as powering various modes of transport and rocket engines. It is anticipated that hydrogen, along with electricity, will emerge as an important energy type in the coming years.


An environment of microgravity has proved useful for conducting a number of experiments and has even created opportunities for new breakthroughs in chemical sciences. In a similar feat, a team of renowned international researchers has found a way of increasing the efficiency of generating solar hydrogen in a milieu of microgravity. The researchers made their observations and drew inferences from the fall of a photo-electrochemical cell from a drop tower.