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Trade Agreement

The world’s biggest trade agreement Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) took place recently. The agreement witnessed participation from 15 countries including China. India, however, pulled out at the last moment. The signing of agreement is scheduled for next year. This is so to facilitate free trade between members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN. It also comprises New Zealand, Japan, Australia, and South Korea. Tariffs to Lower

Smart Speakers

The use of smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo as music players is limited. These smart speakers are quickly gaining popularity in its new role as health tracker. Wherein it helps people monitor their vital signs. Researchers at the University of Washington have come up with a newly developed skill for smart speakers that could make this device utilize white noise to monitor movements and breathing of infants.


Robots and AI is the new buzzword globally. Researchers have taken another leap in bringing the robotic future a step closer to us. In a new research, robots learned the ability to recognize human emotions. This new research relied on a major observation or hypothesis of human behavior. According to the observation, human being are capable of recognizing emotions like sadness, excitement, and aggression based on movements. This is a