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The importance of exercise in leading a healthy lifestyle is an established fact. As a result, the number of people hitting the gym or picking a physical activity have grown over the years. A major chunk of this group has diabetics. While from the look of it, just exercising is good to control blood sugar levels. But, exercising at the right time can yield better results, finds a new study.

mental health

The vast amount of time spent on social networking sites is related to increasing depression among teenagers, says research. The average amount of time teenagers spend on social media is 2.6 hours each day. This amounts to 62.5 percent rise since 2012.  Conversely, a new research does not relate time spent on social media with depression or anxiety in teenagers. Prior to this, researchers spent eight years to understand if


Don’t you just hate all the plastic lying around in the ocean? Here is some good news! According to a recent study, the plastic promises to degrade a lot quicker than previously thought. Earlier, researchers believed that it would take thousands of years for it to degrade. However, scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institutions have showed that these can degrade within decades. The study published in the Environmental Science