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Plastics in various forms has highly degrading effects on the surrounding environment as well as living beings. Until now plastic has been found existing inside animals and also in their stool samples. However, a study conducted by researchers at the Medical University of Vienna and the Environment Agency Austria found out that microplastic in small quantities is now found in human stool samples too. More Insights into the Human Stool


Researchers at US San Franscisco partnered with Brazilian Biobank for Aging Studies which is based at the University of Sao Paulo to find out what causes brain degeneration resulting from Alzheimer’s. And they found out that neuropsychiatric symptoms namely anxiety, depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances play a role in it. They explained their findings in details in an online publication in the month of September. In it they said that

Fossil Fuels replacement

As carbon emissions in Europe reach new heights, several countries in the region are on the lookout for ways of reducing these emissions. Along similar lines, an effort to fossil fuels replacement with hydrogen fuel to bring down the uncontrolled levels of carbon emissions has come to light. A total of 25 countries have resolved to dig deeper into hydrogen technologies in order to create a robust framework to combat

Wind Turbines

Several countries including the Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Sweden have enhanced their renewable energy sector through the use of wind turbines and other sources of renewable power. The next country expected to bring about a revolutionary change in its power sector through the use of wind turbines in Germany. The German government revealed that wind power, along with the energy gained from solar, biomass, and hydropower, is projected

Water Harvesting

The extraction of water from the air has been an age-old practice across several regional pockets including South America and the Middle East and Africa. Contemporary day researchers are on the quest to rejuvenate this traditional practice for water harvesting by inventing a battery that can extract up to 10 gallons of water on an hourly basis from the air. The main reasons behind the shortage of water in the