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Improving the efficiency of the residential sector has been a key concern of several organizations and research entities. Along similar lines, the Urban Institute at University of Manchester presented research findings that reveal several benefits of improving the efficiency of the residential sector. The research study points to an array of factors such as economic productivity, human health, urbanization, and environmental quality that could be improved as a result of

New Inner-Flame Stoves for Cooking in Windy Climates

A team of researchers and students at ETH Zurich have successfully invented a new type of stove – Inner-Flame Stoves, that could help in cooking even as the winds blow around the stove. The flame of traditional stoves blows out when the winds are too intense and there is a loss of tremendous amount of energy. Hence, the new type of stoves developed through additive manufacturing is expected to be welcomed

Indian Railways Announces Installation of Solar Panels in Non-AC Train Coaches

Indian railways made a leap of developments by announcing the introduction of non-AC train coaches with solar panels installed in them. Solar photovoltaic panels are believed to be extremely useful in regions that get abundant sunlight, and hence, the new is expected to favor the growth of Indian Railways. The energy produced by the photovoltaic solar panels would be used to power lights, fans, and charging points. The Indian Railway

Food Coloring Agents May Harm Kid’s Health

Food Coloring Agents and Chemicals used for coloring foods are extensively used in the food and beverages industry, and most people are oblivious to their negative effects. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) pointed to the pressing need to stop the usage of chemicals for coloring food, on the pretext that it could have adverse effects on the health of children. The academy further expounded that there is a

Dealing with Acrophobia through Virtual Whale Ride

Acrophobia, the fear of heights, haunts a large population of people across the world, and several factors could be responsible for the presence of this fear in people. However, researchers have lately observed a way of alleviating this fear in people through use of virtual reality simulators. A flying whale based on virtual reality technology that reaches great heights did not trigger fear or panic amongst acrophobic persons, and this