Investment in Energy Efficiency to Sustain Residential Sector

Improving the efficiency of the residential sector has been a key concern of several organizations and research entities. Along similar lines, the Urban Institute at University of Manchester presented research findings that reveal several benefits of improving the efficiency of the residential sector. The research study points to an array of factors such as economic productivity, human health, urbanization, and environmental quality that could be improved as a result of energy efficiency. Furthermore, a research conducted by the COMBI project in Europe estimated that approximately 27500 deaths could be avoided in EU up until 2030 as a consequence of energy efficiency in households. Besides this, another project named EVALUATE elucidated the benefits served by energy efficiency in providing thermal comfort.

Key Projects

Several key projects including EVALUATE, COMBI, and ENGAGER have pointed to the need to stipulate energy efficiency standards for housing across Europe. Fuel poverty is a major problem in Europe, and energy standards for housing could substantially help in resolving it. The projects have also been focusing on developing regional standards for energy efficiency as it could reap great benefits for the energy sector. The University of Manchester aims to work in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to improve energy standards in the residential sector.

Future Opportunities

The efforts being made by the University of Manchester could prove to be a boon for vulnerable households across Europe. Moreover, climate change is another problem that could be resolved through energy efficiency in the residential sector.

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