Wearable Device

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst have discovered a technique by which a charge-storing system can be manufactured. This system reportedly can be incorporated with minimum efforts into clothing, in order to impart a charge storing pattern on wearable device. More Insights into the Fabric Alternative Manufacturing Method Since a long time, a key drawback that was stunting the manufacturing of biosensors integrated as wearable device for monitoring

Study Says that Government Should Act as Consumer for Fast 5G Adoption

To make the introduction of 5G in India fairly successful, the government needs to play a huge role in the form of a consumer, according to a report. As per the study, the government needs to be more proactive in terms of demanding its use. More Insights about the Indian Government-5G Debacle The report was published by techARC, a market research firm. As per Faisal Kawoosa, Founder and Principal Analyst

Astronauts Can Make Use of Cloud Computing Thanks to a Supercomputer

Cloud computing is soon expected to make it presence felt at the International Space Station, and help astronauts by enhancing their ability to run data analysis faster in orbit. More Insights about the Super Computer Delivered to the ISS A SpaceX capsule had delivered the Spaceborne Supercomputer to the International Space Station last year in August 2017. As per Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the computer will certainly help improve the various


In a new study by researchers from the Rice University’s Mechatronics and Haptic Interfaces Laboratory, recent findings deal with communications made through touch and feel. These are expected to be highly beneficial especially in emergency situations. More Insights into the Study Undertaken by Rice University According to the researchers, they found that less than two hours of training was required to feel most words that were transmitted by haptic armbands.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market: Trade Liberalization Helps Transportation Refrigeration Equipment to Lead Market

The global commercial refrigeration equipment market has a highly competitive vendor landscape, exhibiting the presence of numerous players, states Transparency Market Research (TMR). Companies in this market are involving into mergers and acquisitions that have given them a strategic advantage to strengthen their position in the market. PDF Brochure For Future Advancements: Some of the key players in the commercial refrigeration equipment market are Whirlpool Corporation, Ltd., Haier, Inc.