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Tesla Introduces Solar Roof, Employees Surface as First Buyers

Tesla is giving tough competition to two distinct industries in a span of only one week. In a bid to find alternative to conventional fuels for vehicles, Tesla’s Model 3 electric car is the first radical offering that will take the automobile industry to new heights.

Solar roof, the second offering from the company is set to give a new dimension to energy saving pursuits. Earlier last week, Tesla reported completing its first solar roof installations to be included in its second-quarter earnings. With the first buyers for solar roof being Tesla employees, the company hopes to discover any crimps in the sales and installation process before it is available for a wider audience. Tesla also hopes to offer superior solar roofs with continual efforts to improve.

Tesla Plans to Attract New Customers via Available Stores, Favors Passive Sales Route

Prior to this, Tesla opened its online store in May. The company began taking US$1,000 deposits for orders for black smooth and textured-glass roof tiles that is comparable with high-end roofing. The slick modern shingles, though are look-alike of standard materials from most angles, allow light to pass on solar cell embedded under a tempered surface. However, Tesla did not comment on when the installations actually took place which was supposed to start in June.

Since acquiring Solar City Corp. for US$ 2 billion, the company has adopted Apple store strategy for solar power. At present, the idea is to slash the high price associated with identifying new customers, and attract them by means of upscale auto stores located in shopping malls and other places.

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