In a 1.5 Degrees C Warmer World, European Wind Power Potential to Soar

Wind Power

A new study reveals the UK and several parts of northern continental Europe could have stronger winds if global temperatures soared 1.5 degree C than what it was at pre-industrial time. This could have implications on generation of wind power along with other things. If this happens with stronger winds across the UK, wind could serve to be a more important source of energy than what was previously speculated. As a result, onshore wind energy generation would go up by 10% in the UK, which would be equivalent to serve the power needs of 700,000 homes every year. The results hold relevance for future decisions of investment in onshore wind farms.

 UK Wind Power Generation to Witness Maximum Impact of Temperature Change

 In this regard, researchers from British Antarctic Survey, University of Bristol, and University of Oxford collated data from 282 onshore wind turbines gathered over 11 years. This was integrated with climate data model from the HAPPI project to assess the overall changes in European wind power generation capacity if the world becomes 1.5 degrees C warmer. The study did not look into potential of onshore wind energy with change in global temperature.

As per findings of the study, Germany, Poland, and Lithuania in northern part of continental Europe are speculated to become more viable for wind energy in the future. The UK, however, is speculated to witness the maximum impact, along with seasonal shifts in wind. If this happens, the UK could witness wind power to be generated nine months of the year which is currently limited to winter.

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