Ability to Negate Costly Manual Errors Drives Uptake of Structured Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Ability to Negate Costly Manual Errors Drives Uptake of Structured Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Structured customer communications management (CCM) has many benefits. It does away with the errors resulting from manual intervention and other costly workflow missteps. Besides, it has the capability to support various types of content such as invoices, letters, correspondence, policies, marketing materials, welcome kits, and statements. Overall, it serves to bring down compliance or liability related risks.

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The small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are at the forefront of driving demand for structured customer communication (CCM) management. They help to up revenue, bring down costs, and better content governance and operational efficiency.

What are the USPs of such a software that is resulting in its soaring uptake?

Customer communications management (CCM) solutions are changing boring, generic output into rich and engaging content across print, tablet, computer, and phone devices. It helps to generate a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints that improves the customer experience. However, it has been noticed that companies mainly opt for CCM solutions after stumbling upon a pressing challenge. A simple example in that direction is the claims correspondence where manual handling by representatives may result in errors which in turn can upset customers. Opting for CCM can go a long way in doing away with such issues.

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Which end-use sectors are driving market growth and why?

Some of the key end use sectors predicted to push up demand for structured customer communications management (CCM) are the telecom, government, and BFSI. The numerous invoices, quotations, customer letters, and contract documents they receive are mainly serving to generate demand in the market. Other sectors that make use of it are healthcare and manufacturing.

Some of the key players operating in the global structured customer communications management (CCM) market are Open Text Corporation, Adobe Systems Inc., Xerox Corporation, EMC Corporation, Crawford Technologies, Oracle Corporation, FCI CCM, Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LLC, GMC Software, Newgen Software Technologies Limited, Topdown Systems Corporation, Lexmark International, Inc., and Pitney Bowes Inc.

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