Abundant CO2 Capturing and Using To Turn into Lucrative Business


Study states that an innovative business model is set for the future. This new business model is capturing and using abundant and harmful carbon dioxide. The gas is the byproduct of almost every reaction that takes place in the world. Be it a chemical formation or a compound generation, CO2 is one of the products. Even we as humans add to the growing number of CO2 particles in the atmosphere. The problem was there were no immediate resources and applications that can come in handy.

However, according to a new study from the University of Oxford and UCLA, carbon dioxide can be a lucrative product. It can be beneficial for industries such as petrochemicals, construction, and agriculture. It also states that with commercialization, the potential threat of global warming can reduce to a considerable level.

What Defines the Uniqueness of the Study?

The study states that carbon dioxide has at least 10 different ways commercially. For instance, in agriculture, plants need carbon dioxide to survive and photosynthesis. Businesses can develop a system that can provide and regulate the amount of carbon dioxide that a crop might need to grow productively.

Why Use CO2 Commercially?

According to one of the lead authors of the study -Cameron Hepburn, greenhouse gas must have efficient removal to maintain stability in the environment. Hence there must be a way that can stimulate and motivate various businesses to not just trim down their CO2 emissions but also can make money from the gas. This monetary benefit shall also help governments to take care of the environment in their country making better living standards possible. However, businesses must take care that the gas has secure storage.

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