Active, Smart and Intelligent Packaging Market – Increasing Urban Population and Changing Lifestyle Trends Drives the Market


With the retail industry growing at a rapid pace, the need for attractive and advanced is also increasing with every passing day. Due to the ever increasing urban population and changing lifestyle trends, the demand for ready-to-eat, frozen, and packaged is increasing extensively across the globe. The supply of frozen foods, meat products, vegetables, and fruits is surpassing boundaries, thus giving regional markets a global exposure. As a result of this, the demand for specialty packaging has also increased over the last couple of years and is expected to stay the same in the years to come.

Active, smart, and intelligent packaging is used by manufacturers for retaining the nutritional value and freshness of the product within and at really competitive prices. The global trade of active, smart, and intelligent packaging is expected to be relatively driven by the sophisticated and advanced transport facilities available. The demand for active, smart, and intelligent packaging is maximum from the consumer goods, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals industry keeping in mind the sensitivity of various products and the publicity needed in these industries.

Global Active, Smart, and Intelligent Packaging Market: Overview

Packaging of a product not only ensures a safe and secure reach to the end-user, they also significantly affect the way the product is presented to the consumers from the marketing perspective. New technologies such as intelligent packaging, active, smart packaging, and modified atmosphere packaging are replacing traditional methods such as canning. Advanced packaging interacts internally (active packaging) as well as externally (intelligent packaging) with the environment and enhances the visual appeal of the products. Besides this, smart and active packaging also ease the process of bulk transportation. With the technological advancements, innovative packaging alternatives are now available for the manufacturers to innovate their consumer outreach and gain market share. The food industry in particular, which is currently at its peak, is the primary driver in the global active, smart, and intelligent packaging, besides the growing requirement of packaging that can more efficiently control gas and moisture.

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Global Active, Smart, and Intelligent Packaging Market: Trends and Opportunities

Some of the emerging packaging products are advanced time-temperature monitors, antimicrobial packaging, and smartphone-enabled interactive packaging products. Most of these products are anticipated to develop further during the forecast period and pave way for manufacturers to impress their consumers. Due to the escalating demand for packaged food, such as ready-to-cook, from the urban population across the globe, coupled with increasing food safety concerns that is quickly becoming a norm for several industries, the market for active, smart, and intelligent packaging is expected to stay in good stead. This market is also expected to grow on account of increasing need for to retain freshness and nutritional value of the products, at competitive prices.

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