Aerospace & Defense Ice and Rain Protection Systems Market: Increasing safety regulations drives market growth


Ice and rain protection system are the systems that are designed to keep atmospheric ice and rain from gathering on aircraft surfaces like propellers, wings, engine intakes, environmental control intakes and rotor blades. The performance, handling and controlling of the aircraft will degrade if ice are allowed to gather on the surface of the flight control surfaces and airfoils. The accumulation is likely to increase aerodynamic drag and reduces aerodynamic lift.

Some of the key trends in the global ice and rain protection system market are the optimization use of anti-icing and de-icing fluids and development of environment friendly de-icing systems.

Market Drivers

The global aerospace and defense ice and rain protection system market is primarily driven by the increasing safety regulations authorized by the regulatory bodies. Since ice and rain creates risk in operation of aircraft, different safety regulations are implemented by the government as well as the regulatory bodies to ensure the safety of the aircraft as well as the passengers. Expansion and modernization of the existing airports is also one of the important factors bolstering the demand of the ice and rain protection system market during the forecast period.

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Regardless of drivers in this market, there are some factors setting back the growth of this market. Huge maintenance cost is one such factors restraining the growth of ice and rain protection system market globally. Developing countries or under developed countries faces this type of issues. Due to high maintenance cost, companies are reluctant to invest in these types of systems.

Introduction of cost effective aircraft de-icing system is likely to be one of the important opportunity in the global market. At present the systems that are used bears huge maintenance cost which is likely to be less with the introduction of new system that are expected to be advanced in technology and will be cost effective in nature.

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Based on types the market is bifurcated into anti-icing system and de-icing system. On the basis of application the market is bifurcated into Engine Inlets, Nacelle, Wings, Tail, Propellers, Windshields, Sensors and Air Data Probes. On the basis of platform, the market is segregated into Commercial Jets, Military Jets and Helicopters.

The geographical split of this market comprises North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

Some of the key players in the global ice and rain protection system market includes The DOW Chemical Company, Meggit PLC., JBT Corporation, Clariant, B/E Aerospace, Inc., United Technologies Corporation, Curtiss Wright, Zodiac Aerospace, Honeywell International Inc., and Cav Ice Protection, Inc. among others

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