Analysis and Assessment on Package Testing Services Market

Ensuring the safe transportation of goods to the end-consumers via complete supply chain from the manufacturers end to the consumer is of the crucial role of the packaging. Package testing services assure that the packaging can go through the extreme possible conditions such as road shocks and rough handling, and safely transport the end-product to the consumers. Package testing services include not only physical tests such as vibration and impact tests but also includes adhesive testing, child-resistant testing, food contact testing, sustainability testing, and many others.

Other than package testing services providing companies such as Smithers Pira and Westpak Inc., large packaging companies such as Nefab Group are have also participated in the global package testing services market. With the increasing focus of brand owners on the quality of the packaging, the package testing services market is projected to witness strong growth during the forecast period.

With the increasing adoption of package testing services owing to the reduced wastages leading to higher productivity. Moreover, various certification provided to the packages after going to the package testing services assures no only the brand owners, but also to the end consumers that the product to be received is not likely to be malfunctioned in the supply chain. The protection of the quality of the consumables such as food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals is of prime importance. Also, the rise in the end-user industries of package testing services has driven the package testing services market globally, which includes pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, personal care & cosmetics, chemicals and almost every other product development industry which require packaging for its products. Child resistant testing, suitability testing, food contact testing are some of the tests included in package testing services which are driven by the trends in the packaging industry.

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The adoption rate of package testing services is very high in the developed countries of North America and Western Europe, including Japan. While the package testing services market is in the emerging phase in the developing countries of Asia Pacific region. Western Europe region has developed package tests specific to the cosmetics industry, which are being adopted by the package testing services providing firms across the globe.

The key players of the package testing services market have targeted the emerging economies of Asia Pacific which are projected to witness strong growth in the packaging industry, specifically China and India. A large number of packaging companies in Western Europe and North America have included the package testing services in their facility, while the majority of the Asia Pacific packaging companies hire third-party package testing services.

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