Artificial Leaf Can Produce Clean Syngas with Sunlight and Water

Artificial Leaf

According to a latest scientific development, an artificial leaf can help in the production of clean gas. This gas currently derived from burning fossil fuels. However, with this development, an artificial leaf that uses only water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight, can produce the gas. The development can be taken a step further to eventually develop a sustainable liquid fuel for petrol.

This carbon-neutral device has set a new standard in the domain of solar fuels. This development is after the group of researchers working at the Cambridge University demonstrate that the device can produce gas directly. The production of the gas called syngas occurs in a simple and sustainable manner.

Instead of running on fossil fuels, artificial leaf can now come in handy for the production of sustainable fuel. The leaf functions on sunlight, however, it is still efficient on overcast or cloudy weather. Also, unlike the existing industrial procedure for the production of syngas, the leaf does not emit any additional carbon dioxide in the air. The result of the research study now features in the Nature Materials journal.

A Step Towards Achieving Cleaner and Sustainable Fuel Industry

Currently, syngas production comes from a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The use of syngas is mainly for production of wide range of commodities such as fertilizers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and fuels.

It is possible that you must be unaware of the syngas itself. However, we consume several products produced with the help of syngas. With the ability to produce this vital gas in a sustainable and clean manner is a huge step towards achieving cleaner environment. It is the next step in shutting down the global carbon cycle and establish a cleaner and more sustainable fuel and chemical industry.

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