AT&T to Provide Shell Managed Telecom and Network Integration Services

AT&T to Provide Shell Managed Telecom and Network Integration Services

AT&T has confirmed that it has entered into an agreement with Shell for providing the company network integration and managed communications services across the globe. The agreement will help Shell to transform its complex IT operations by adopting more of standard services. The agreement binds the two companies to work together for a span of five and a half years.

AT&T, under the agreement, will provide services such as global data and voice services, network integration and management, video and collaboration, security, and several innovative solutions that promise reduction in costs while enabling a more future-ready, agile IT infrastructure for Shell. AT&T will cater to these requirements by delivering network integration services and other network capabilities across various companies that support cloud strategy, hybrid network solutions, and virtualized services.

The global integrated network solutions offered by AT&T are highly expansive, covering countries that represent 99 percent of the world’s economy. Multinational companies across the globe rely on the advanced networking capabilities of AT&T so as to support their businesses across the globe. This is essentially true for companies that have a global footprint, such as Shell. Shell operates across several sites that are difficult to access and observe harsh weather conditions.

With advanced networking from AT&T, Shell employees will be able to depend on a more reliable and secure network from wherever or whenever it is accessed. Shell employees will also be able to effectively connect internally with the help of voice, video and web conferencing, instant messaging, and application sharing.

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