Jacob Brown

An engineer by education, Jacob ventured into digital marketing about six years ago. He is a proven expert in SEO content and has formulated strategies that direct traffic to websites. His sound awareness about people helps him understand the pulse of the audience. He brings a counter-intuitive thought to the discussion adding customer point of view which has become central to success in today’s digitally driven business.

Deep Sleep

Researchers have made a discovery that to reset and calm the stressed brain is to get deep sleep. Alternately, the state is termed non-rapid eye movement (NREM) slow –wave sleep. It refers to a physical state of high synchronization of neural oscillations. This results drop in blood pressure and heart beat rate.  Macbeth once aptly said sleep is the “balm of hurt minds”. It plays a significant role in the

Artificial Photosynthesis

Researchers from the Brookhaven National Laboratory have increased the effectiveness of a chemical combination. The combination splits water molecules and captures light. Therefore, the purpose of such an invention is to enable building blocks to generate hydrogen fuels. Additionally, this study offers a platform for the development of groundbreaking improvements in the process of artificial photosynthesis. This artificial photosynthesis is a lab-based copy of the natural photosynthesis, which comes with


A new study by the Oxford University Press states that dogs can provide better therapy to a patient for mental wellbeing.  It also states having dogs positively impacts on people who want to improve their mental health. The study is the brainchild of University of Western Australia and Telethon Kids Institute and is one of its kind. It looks into the positive aspects of dog ownership for mental health for


Robots and AI is the new buzzword globally. Researchers have taken another leap in bringing the robotic future a step closer to us. In a new research, robots learned the ability to recognize human emotions. This new research relied on a major observation or hypothesis of human behavior. According to the observation, human being are capable of recognizing emotions like sadness, excitement, and aggression based on movements. This is a