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California Regulators Give Go-ahead for Solar Panels on New Homes

California is the first state close to adoption of a nationwide mandate that requires solar panels to be installed on low-rise apartment buildings and new homes from 2020 in a bid to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The move represents a quantum leap in building standards at a national level. The move in California will be watched closely by other states to evaluate how it bring results, as stated by an

Eco-friendly Method of Enhancing Rubber Properties

In the world of composting, trash is treasure as the food waste is recycle into fertilizers which can be used for gardens. A group of researchers have decided to investigate if compost can go beyond fertilizer. The group reported that the gases collected which are produced during the process of composting can be combined with rubber in order to make optimized electronic sensors and ceilings. Natural rubber is used for

Ability to Negate Costly Manual Errors Drives Uptake of Structured Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Structured customer communications management (CCM) has many benefits. It does away with the errors resulting from manual intervention and other costly workflow missteps. Besides, it has the capability to support various types of content such as invoices, letters, correspondence, policies, marketing materials, welcome kits, and statements. Overall, it serves to bring down compliance or liability related risks. Browse The Report: The small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are at the forefront