Pragati Pathrotkar

As one of the lead news writers on cmfenews, Pragati’s specialization lies in the science and technology domains. Her passion for the latest developments in cloud technology, connected devices, nanotechnology, and virtual reality, among others, shines through in the most recent industry coverage he provides. Pragati’s take on the impact of digital technologies across the science, technology, and business domains gives her writing a fresh and modern outlook.

Retrofitting Services Market Specifications, Analysis Forecast Upto 2026

Machines and components eventually start to show signs of wear and tear and require replacement or upgrades to work efficiently. Automation plants and machines can easily reach the end of their life expectancy, especially when demand for production is high. Plant operators are in need of innovative solutions in order to maintain the productivity and efficiency of machines. Retrofit services allow companies to achieve productivity and increase the life expectancy

3D User Interface Design Market By Technology, By Application & By End User Industry

User interface is the medium through which human converse with computers and systems. It acts as a bridge between humans and machines. There has been a continuous evolution of user interfaces, from the text centric to the two dimensional graphical ones, using WIMP (windows, icons, menus, and pointer) to the present three dimensional user interfaces. Several post WIMP interfaces are operating on human touch, voice, and sketching, giving rise to

Advertisement Management Solutions Market - Positive Outlook for Industry Opportunities & Trends

Advertising or brand promotion is a vital activity carried out by an organization to communicate its message to the target audience. Advertisement management solutions help monitor and analyze brand promotional activities in order to enhance brand communication. Earlier, advertisements were placed in print media, usually in magazines and newspapers. These had a limited target audience. Advent of internet has transformed the way a brand or an advertisement is communicated to

Role-based Access Control (RBAC) Market By Technology, By Application & By End User Industry

Information technology helps enterprises improve employee’s productivity, supply chain operations, and consumer communication. Furthermore, inventory management, invoice payments, and customer support are handled with the help of technology. Access control systems are used to control the functions, actions, applications, and operations of legitimate users in the organization. In addition, they are used to protect the integrity of the information stored within the system. Browse Market Research Report @ Role-based access

Multi-channel Apps Market - Lucrative Opportunities Across Globe

Multi-channel apps can be defined as applications that can be accessed on multiple platforms. As companies are shifting toward cloud computing, adoption of multi-channel apps and support services is on the rise to help in efficient migration and increasing the agility. The increasing number of mobile devices and browsers/platforms has driven the development of a large number of mobile applications that require efficient application management. The growing number of mobile