Rohit Bhisey

Ammonia is a vital compound made up of hydrogen and nitrogen, and is integral for the sustenance of all life forms on earth. The most commonly used method of ammonia production is the Haber-Bosch method that consumers large amount of energy and fuel. Hence, the negative toll placed on the environment by the production of ammonia has become a matter of concern across the globe. In order to combat the

New Process Developed to Make Lithium Metal Electrodes for Batteries

In a new development, a new process has been developed by researchers at Donghua and Yale University in China to create lithium metal electrodes. The new process used to create lithium metal electrodes is said to boost the energy and capacity of rechargeable batteries. As per research, lithium metal is considered to be best suited material for anodes in high-energy batteries mainly because of its high potential to provide large

Ningbo Zhenhai Smart Refinery to be set up by Huawei

Ningbo branch, a Chinese Telecom company has formally reported that Huawei will manufacture the MEC network system for the Ningbo Zhenhai smart refinery. In light of complex advancements and effective practice in the MEC field, Huawei will give a the MEC@CloudEdge solution and fabricate an open and adaptable insightful private system highlighting ideal client experience and high dependability for the Zhenhai Refinery on the premise of existing Huawei 4G remote

US Power Sector Benefits from Opportunities Provided by Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse that plunged many areas of the U.S. into complete darkness on Monday, offered an entirely foreseeable stage for extensive experiments to the power sector. Not often, the power grid operators, electricity generators, and utilities, get such a precise and early notice about over 12,000 MW of solar power supplies to drop off their systems suddenly. Many companies utilize the circumstances to their favor by testing software, plants,

A local farm in Qatar has developed a high tech hydroponics system, which can produce several types of fruits and organic vegetables to aid the country achieve food security. Introducing the same, Nasser Ahmed al-Khalaf, managing director at Agrico said that they modified many processes of hydroponics farming to meet the growing demand of organic fresh food products in Qatar. Privately owned in Qatar, Agrico is a local agricultural development