Automated Truck Loading System (ATLS) Market- The Rising Demand For Automation Systems From Distributors And Manufacturers That Handle A High Volume Of Goods 

The conventional way of loading and unloading by means of fork lift or pallet trucks is used in almost every situation. With increasing volumes, manual loading and unloading becomes very personalized to their own requirements. Therefore, a lot of companies are keen to rationalize and optimize this specific aspect of the logistics supply chain. Next to increased efficiencies, focus on a clean and safe working environment and reduction of damage also play an important role. Especially in temperature-controlled transportation, the minimization of cooling loss during the loading process can decrease energy cost and has positive environmental effects. Due to rising demand for automated shipping, Loading Automation, Inc. introduced the world’s first fully automated system, Automatic Truck Loading System (ATLS), which is designed for automation of loading and unloading with racks, slip-sheets and pallets.

Automated truck loading and unloading systems can especially contribute to the optimization of the logistics supply chain. The ATLS and the internal conveying systems can be connected and enable a fully automated supply chain.

The rising demand for automation systems from distributors and manufacturers that handle a high volume of goods equipped with microprocessors that provide information about performance of the instrument, is expected to boost the Automated Truck Loading System market growth. The increasing demand from players in the food and beverage industry such as manufacturers, beverage wholesalers, breweries, and bottling plants is also expected to drive the industry growth during the forecast period.  Further, the consistent effort made by logistics players to improve cold chains in order to ensure that the distribution and warehousing of deep-frozen products are efficient and consume lesser times.

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However, high initial cost of investment required for developing automated truck loading system is expected to hamper the Automated Truck Loading System market growth over the forecast period. But, the short loading times that can be obtained with those systems allow significant cost savings in the truck fleet and personnel over time, thus, the total cost of operation can be lower than the cost of manual loading.

The global automated truck loading system market is segmented on the basis of loading dock, system type, truck type and industry. Based on loading dock, the global market is classifies into saw tooth dock, flush dock and enclosed dock. On the basis of system type, the global automated truck loading system market is classified into slat conveyor systems, chain conveyor systems, skate conveyor systems, roller track systems, belt conveyor systems and automated guided vehicles. Based on truck type, the market can be segmented into modified and non-modified truck type. Further, on the basis of industry, the global automated truck loading system market is classified into FMCG, logistics and transportation industry, post and parcel, aviation, pharmaceutical, cement, paper, automotive, textile, and warehouse and distribution.

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