Berner Expands Ready-to-drink Beverages Manufacturing Capacity

Berner Expands Ready-to-drink Beverages Manufacturing Capacity

The demand for ready-to-eat/drink products is following an exponential growth track, thanks to the changing lifestyles and rising disposable incomes of people around the world. A raft of players operating in the food and beverages industry is capitalizing on the trend by increasing their manufacturing capabilities and focusing towards product innovation. Recently, Berner Food and Beverage jumped the bandwagon by expanding its ready-to-drink beverages manufacturing capacities. The company invested over US$100 mn by adding 200,000 sq. feet to its production warehouse in Dakota, Illinois.

Berner Plans to Offer Wider Variety

The construction of the expanded structure is nearly complete and will be fully operational by the last quarter of 2017. The added space can accommodate as many as 16 extra reports, which will provide the company an edge over its contemporaries from a processing standpoint and thus, a stronger foothold in the beverage manufacturing market. With the expansion of capacities, the company aims to deliver a wider variety of ready-to-drink beverages. It will also enable Berner to deliver an extended shelf life of a year for its line of ready-to-drink coffee-based beverages.

Berner to Bank on Research and Development and Partnerships to Enhance Visibility

Apart from capacity expansion, Berner is strongly focusing towards research and development to develop new and tasteful flavors for their beverage lines. To boost their visibility in the market, the company is coming up with various strategies, one of which is a partnership with a data analytics firm. The beverage provider aims at offering its patrons with insights into the emerging trends influencing the food and beverages industry such as packaging, ingredients, and flavors.

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