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Barhmi repairs the damage hair follicles and make them strong hence, also use as hair tonic. The other benefits of brahmi are promotion brain comfort, increase in cognitive agility, and reduction of mental stress and is use in treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The increase in demand of natural health supplement products has gone up in the pharmaceutical market. This creates an opportunistic market for the brahmi products which are natural brain health promoters. The brahmi products are anticipated to have a higher demands because of its properties.

Brahmi also known as Bacopa monnieri scientifically is an ayurvedic herb use for mental wellness. The main constituent of brahmi herb is bacosides. The active constituent of the brahmi herb increases the cerebral blood flow and hence it is largely used as brain health supplement.

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Brahmi Market: Region-wise Outlook:

Asia Pacific is the biggest market for the brahmi products in terms of producer and consumer. China and India stands the largest exporters of brahmi products globally. The increase in natural product demand in Northern American and European market has a great potential for the brahmi products to flourish. Hence, a high demand for brahmi products is anticipated in this regions.

Brahmi Market: Drivers and Restraints:

The brain health wellness property of the brahmi makes it a unique product of its type in the nurtraceutical market. This creates a potential market for the brahmi product. The internet of things have wide spread the knowledge of ayurvedic uses of the brahmi, which will drive the market into global consumption of brahmi.

Strict regulation rules can bare the brahmi products to enter specific market regions, the restrain that most of the ayurvedic nutraceutical face.

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Brahmi Market: Key Players:

The major global player of the brahmi market are The Himalaya Drug Company, Hamdard Laboratories (India), Morpheme Remedies, Dabur India Limited, Organic India Pvt Ltd, Amrut Pharmaceuticals, VADIK HERBS, Natures Velvet Lifecare, Sanofi-Aventis Healthcare Pty Ltd, and Patanjali Ayurved Limited

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