Recently, the intelligence agency in New Zealand has rejected the first request of the telecom industry in the nature for using the 5G equipment, which was provided by China’s Huawei technologies Co Ltd. The telecommunications service provider, named Spark New Zealand Ltd who has made the request and further they would review the reasoning before considering any next steps. This decision has come after the Western countries have become increasingly


Facebook has made an appeal a fine of around £500,000 ($639,255.40) from the U.K.’s privacy watchdog, who has made a claim that the company has failed in the protection of the privacy of at least one million users in the U.K., states the Financial Times. The appeal that has been made by Facebook is stated on the fact that the office of the Information Commissioner in the U.K. has discovered

Electric Cars

Electric cars have been the talk of the town for quite some time now, and the masses are eagerly anticipating the introduction of advanced electric cars that are affordable and effective in the long run. As a welcome news to these people and the propagators of environmental preservation, the Russian manufacturer of arms, Kalashnikov has unveiled its new model of electric cars. The design of this new model by Kalashnikov

Waste into Energy

As a welcome step for the energy sector, Ethiopia recently inaugurated an energy-centric power plant that converts waste into energy. The plant is strategically located near a huge open-air dump that suffered a severe landslide last year. The plant, located in the Addis Ababa region, is expected to turn the fortunes of the energy sector in Ethiopia and offer an opportunity to produce more energy in the coming years. The

Energy Dynamics

Production of renewable energy that can sustain the masses has been the top priority of several research organizations within the energy dynamics. There have been ardent efforts to build a framework that allows for the creation of renewable energy that can solve the problems of environmental pollution and depleting natural resources. Along similar lines, a team of analysts working at the Swiss Investment Bank UBS have asserted the possibility of