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Energy Drinks Harmful for People with Specific Genetic Heart Condition

A new study from Australia has detected that consumption of energy drinks may have severe repercussions for people with a certain genetic heart condition called as long QT syndrome, wherein heartbeats are irregular. And if you think it is a very specific heart condition that can be inherited from your ancestors, the researchers of this study have estimated that one in every 2,000 persons has long QT syndrome, and energy

Cheaper Sugar-sweetened Beverages Will Raise Obesity Concerns: ACS

According to a recent study by the American Cancer Society (ACS), the prices of sugar-sweetened beverages are falling across the globe and the pattern is expected to continue in the near future. Preventing Chronic Disease, the journal that contains this study by the ACS, suggests that it is imperative to regulate the prices of these beverages, as they are at the backbone of growing concerns of obesity and diabetes. Affordability

Plant-based Beverages to be New Investment Project for Dean Foods

Dean Foods, a leading food and beverages company in the U.S. currently made a minority agreement with Good Karma Foods and invested in their plant-based food and beverages project. The agreement is distribution based and is also focused towards achieving a mass growth for the products in this line as well as the two companies in this venture. Good Karma Foods is known for manufacturing flaxseed-based milk alternatives in formats