parkinson’s disease

Utilizing patient-derived neurons, Scientists at Northwestern Medicine are trying to come up with a brand new strategy. This is for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease through alleviation of harmful effects of genetic mutation. The study was published on Science Translational Medicine. Some of the experimental treatments that focused on treating genetic disorders targeted mutated enzymes or proteins. However, this particular research took an entirely different approach toward the treatment of


A pioneering research seeks to discover viruses and bacteria linked to cancer. Thus, the research carried out by scientists at University of East Anglia, the U.K. Meanwhile, research has already found connections between cervical cancer, stomach cancer and certain kind of infections. The new research paper published on Genome Biology, a scientific journal. The research reveals sequencing of genomic data collected from tumors is to find out information about other


Hearing implants are a life-line for those suffering from hearing disabilities. Today, nearly 1.5 million people worldwide suffer from serious hearing impairments. Additionally, the current implants do not meet various needs like catering to inner ear damage, among others. Researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanna laboratory promise to change that. The team led by Stephanie Lacour has developed a soft electronic interface. The device was tested in mice. With


Do you find that smartphone batteries are really flawed in design? Not to disrespect the people who create these amazing devices – but they really are! These instruments heat up while doing the job they are supposed to? Doesn’t that show an inherent flaw in the design? Some scientists at European XFEL set out to change the design in a unique manner. They introduced phase-changing materials to smartphones. These materials

Cataract Surgery

It is a well-known fact that cataract surgery is capable of restoring eyesight. Patients who undergo cataract surgery are shocked by the brightness of colors and better vision in the night. A few of such patients can even diminish their dependence on eyeglasses. However, quantification of better vision is still not clear. Scientists in Australia made use of a driving simulator to measure improvement in vision following cataract surgery. Crashes