Strong Ion Gels Could Revolutionise the Electronics Sector

The electronics industry is witnessing new developments each day which has upped the game of commercialisation within the industry. In a similar feat, a team of scientists and researchers at Japan’s Yokohama National University, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, have developed an ion gel that exhibits self-healing properties in extreme environments and temperatures. This property of ion gels is expected to come in handy during the manufacture of

Solar-Absorption Varies According to Regional Climates

Several research and development initiatives with regards to optimization of solar energy have offset across the world. In this, researchers have been studying the capacity of atmospheric methane gas to absorb solar energy, and they discovered a new phenomenon with regards to this solar-absorption. The researchers conclude that the amount of solar-absorption by methane in desert regions such as the Arabian Peninsula and Sahara Desert was almost 10 times larger

Rapid-Sensing Device to Detect Eye Injuries Immediately

Eye Injuries and trauma becomes a reason for complete or partial blindness in a number of individuals, and there have been several efforts to diagnose, detect, and treat the problems that arise from such traumas. Researchers at the University of Illinois have found a method of quickly detecting injuries caused to the eye by means of a gel that contains gold particles. Ascorbic acid is present in tears that drop

Organic Solar Cells with Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

The inception of organic solar cells was a huge plus for the energy sector, but the problem of constrained efficiency always posed questions on the effectiveness of these cells. Over the past decade, solar cells with an increase in efficiency of over 10% have been come to the fore. However, this enhanced efficiency is also restrained by the thickness of the photovoltaic layer of these cells. Colloquially, the manufacturing and

Sandy Rivers Seem Like a Viable Source of Energy

The Unites States has been on a constant lookout for finding new and efficient ways of producing renewable energy. Along similar lines, the viability of sandy rivers in producing energy has come to light in recent times, and is expected to bring about key developments in the energy domain. The adjustment of hydrokinetic energy converters in sandy rivers is projected to produce ample amount of energy and also limit the