Researchers working for armed forces are making efforts to understand the concept of molecular living functionality of muscle and its related mechanism. This is to reproduce it artificially to obtain the abilities of proteins that cause muscle contraction. Therefore, such efforts on part of the army researchers are to create robots. These robots can become versatile and efficient teammates for soldiers in the front. Hence, like myosins, Bionanomotors cause most

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium ion batteries are found everywhere these days and they have become an essential part of modern day life. These batteries have changed the world in a short time period. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences bestowed M. Stanley Whittingham, Akira Yoshino, and John B. Goodenough with Nobel Prize in Chemistry this October. These three scientists have invented lithium-ion batteries, which have metamorphosed the world of portable electronics. The Royal


A study by researchers at the University of Oregon states that an atomic microscope with an electrode at its tip can provide a qualitative answer on how nanoscale catalysts collect the charge. This study can help researchers to develop better semiconductors to improve the performance of solar devices. With the help of this research, scientists unveil that the catalytic particle shrinks to the size below 100 nanometers. This, as a

Viewing Angle

According to Salk scientists, tilting the frozen protein sample under an electron microscope provides a better viewing angle. This provides effective approach for better information deduction during the research. Which further helps understand the structure of proteins and host diseases such as HIV and cancer. The new study in September 13th, issue of the Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. It provides quantitative proof that the angle of sight can