Robots can now Feel with 3D-printed ‘Bionic Skin’

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have engineered a stretchable 3D printing electronic sensory device, which can potentially armor robots with the ability to feel the environment they are in, and may even go on to help in printing electronics on human skin. From healthcare to wearables to energy, this bionic skin can be revolutionary for several applications. If that is not all, unlike most discoveries wherein the concept needs

Water Filtration Now at 1000x Less Energy

A new water filtration technique, developed at Princeton University by Dr. Orest Shardt and Dr. Sangwoo Shin, promises to cut the energy consumption in water filtration to a thousandth of the consumption needed for conventional water filtration mechanisms. The technique uses carbon dioxide, to which the colloidal suspension is exposed. This technique could replace popular microfiltration and ultrafiltration techniques. Conventional water filtration techniques require a membrane, which often gets fouled

Teijin Launches New Coating Technology for Automobile Windows

Japan-based leading producer of advanced fibers and composites, Teijin Ltd., recently announced the launch of its newest hard-coating technology specially designed for large, complex polycarbonate automotive windows. Featuring high resistance to abrasion, the new technology does not only meet the quality standards of Japanese framework, but also those of the European Union (EU) and the U.S. New Technology Can Coat Complex Curves, Greater Glazing Size In collaboration with Tsukishima Kikai