Chevron in Partnership with Microsoft to Enable Digital Transformation

Chevron in Partnership with Microsoft to Enable Digital Transformation

Chevron Corporation has entered into a seven-year long partnership with Microsoft Corporation, making Microsoft the primary cloud provider for Chevron. The partnership is expected to accelerate the application of technologies for Chevron, allowing it to benefit from Internet of Things and analytics and bring in a positive difference in performance and efficiency.

Chevron’s executive vice president of Technology, Projects and Services, Joe Geagea, said that the company embraces every single opportunity that can streamline its workflows and provides insights into getting better at efficiency and competition. He added that the company has already made a head start digitizing its oilfields but also desires to accelerate the deployment of new technologies that could position the company to improve revenue, reduce costs, and improve the reliability and safety of operations.

The strategic partnership of the company with Microsoft is a part of the company’s digitization plans, which will be a multi-years effort to streamline the IT operations through increased automation and effective analytics. Microsoft’s Azure platform is expected to allow the company’s IT workforce to transform from supporting infrastructure at present to one that is capable of enabling more advanced technologies. This transformation would also result in optimized output for the company, would help streamline production operations, reservoir management, midstream logistics, and marketing operation.

The partnership also includes a broader technical collaboration that could help both the companies to focus more on joint innovation from a business process and technology perspective. This will include identifying the areas where Microsoft can help Chevron in solving business challenges and improve Microsoft’s future business roadmap.

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