Chip On Board LED Market – General Lighting System Providing Huge Opportunities For The Growth Of This Market In Future.

Chip on board (COB) Light Emitting Diode (LED) is the latest technology of packaging multi LED into one lighting module. Chip diodes of LED are bonded into the PCB by the manufacturers, making thermal conductivity move towards the circuit board resulting in lower heat emission. LED light source is preferred over traditional lighting due to its longer life span and brightness. But normal LED may cause uncomfortable glare which is further rectified in COB LED. Furthermore chip on board LED lights provide higher intensity along with homogenous luminosity helping in the rise in demand for chip on board LED lights globally. In addition to this advancement in design through innovation along with cost savings by large scale manufacture of COB LED lights further enhances the demand for chip on board LED lights. Application wise global chip on board LED market can be segmented into automotive, illumination and backlighting among others.

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Global chip on board LED market on the basis of geography can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Use of chip on board LED reduces heat emission as compared to normal LED lights which forms a major reason for the growth of chip on board market globally. This along with uniform luminescence and better quality of light than normal LEDs further has pushed the demand for chip on board LED lights worldwide. Other than it provides huge cost advantage helping the manufacturers in large scale module manufacturing of chip on board LEDs further acting as major drivers to help increase demand for global chip on board LED lights.  In addition to this stringent environmental norms by government worldwide has increased usage of chip on board LED lights which consumes less power and has lower environmental hazards than traditional lights helping this market to grow. Maintaining operating temperature is extremely crucial for chip on board LED lights which becomes difficult for the manufacturers and poses as a major restraint for growth of chip on board LED market globally. Other than this manufacturers use aluminium as a substrate for producing chip on board LED lights to reduce costs which declines the overall reliability of the product thereby negatively affecting the global chip on board LED market. Efficient heat dissipation along with wide area emitters make chip on board LED lights viable across different application areas like streetlights and other general lighting system providing huge opportunities for the growth of this market in future.

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