Clean Energy from New Plant to Add Substantial Tax Revenue in Aiken County

Clean Energy

The US-based NextEra Energy Resources, LLC recently began its operations at Shaw Creek Solar Energy Center, Aiken, South Carolina. This facility is the latest addition to its solar energy-producing facilities.

Matt Handel is the vice president of development, NextEra Energy Resources. He expressed much joy to provide customers with renewable and clean energy form this new plant. Meanwhile, NextEra Energy Resources is the largest producer of energy from renewable sources like wind and the sun. Handel further opines that this solar project would produce reasonably priced, clean, and homegrown energy for the people of South Carolina. In addition to that, it will add a substantial amount of tax revenue for the Aiken County in the forthcoming years.

Local Community to Benefit Immensely from the Project

The Shaw Creek Solar Energy Center is spread across an area of 560 acres. Therefore, the construction of the entire setup lasted for around 10 months. The projected also proved to be extremely beneficial for the Aiken County and South Carolina \ as it generated hundreds of construction jobs. It helped to generate business for the local vendors for procuring material and services.

Gary Bunker is the Council Chairman of Aiken County. With much delight, he expressed his happiness by saying that the setup is an excellent addition to their community. It has left a positive economic impact in Aiken county. It has further reinforced its leading position as a clean energy producer in the market, adds Bunker.

The Shaw Creek Solar Energy Center has nearly 270,000 photovoltaic solar panels. These solar panels monitor the sun’s movement and change it energy into electrical energy. It comes with the capacity of producing 74.9 megawatts of power.

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