Clean Water Could be Extracted from Air – Scientists Inspired by Dry Desert Plants


Scientists warn us about the atrocities we have implied upon nature in order to suffice our selfish needs. There is a possibility that soon there will be scarcity of pure air and water in order to breathe and survive. Therefore researchers are looking for various ways and means to avoid such calamities. They are focusing on natural resources that are present in abundance and can be converted into survival prospect.

A team of researchers at the University of Ohio State have recently offered a possible solution. They state that clean water could be extracted from air and put to human use so that we could use and re-use nature for our basic needs. Seems impossible but the concept of how desert plants survive in scorching heat is what inspired these scientists to look for a similar solution.

Cactus and Desert Grass Mechanism of Saving Water to be Implemented Scientifically

Scientifically, all desert plants such as beetle, cactus, and other desert grasses collectively use water that is condensed over a period of night time. This is when the fog starts to appear on the leaf of the plants, gathering water and moisture droplets from the air. These plants then filter the water droplets into their roots or reservoirs. The water that is stored is sufficient to hydrate the plant throughout the rest of the day in bright sunshine. At night, with the moisture in the air, the same process repeats itself.

Scientists studied different ways and means to collect this water from the surfaces of the leaves. This could be possibly done with the help of 3D printers where in the surfaces could be built with barbs and bumps. The moisture in the air would pass through a foggy environment and this could be done with the help of a commercial humidifier. This humidifier will also be able to keep check on which system was more successful in gathering the most water.

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