Cleaner and More Efficient Trucks to Replace Heavy-Duty Trucks

Efficient Trucks

The largest contributor to air pollution is the escalating number of vehicles powered on petrol, diesel, and gasoline. Air pollution has reached unprecedented levels in recent times, which has generated a sense of awakening to control the emissions from cars and trucks. In line with this quest, light duty & Efficient trucks that run on gasoline have emerged as a useful option for reducing air pollution. Extrinsic efforts such as carpooling and electrification of vehicles are amongst other key steps to reduce air pollution. However, MIT University’s research scientist Daniel Cohn believes that these extrinsic steps are only half of the work done, and there is a strict need to think about medium- and light-duty Efficient Trucks. He further expounded that clearing up the trucks of unnecessary emissions or fuel wastes can help in enhancing the global air quality.

Need for Better Engines

The researchers explained that heavy-duty engines with greater power and fuel efficiency are not enough to improve the situation. Instead, alternative internal combustion engines are the way forward as they are cleaner and leave a lower carbon footprint. The team of researchers at MIT University used computer simulation to design an alcohol-gasoline engine that is low on cost, high on performance, and is cleaner than heavy-duty engines.

US Trucking Industry

The trucking industry in the US has been receiving greater amount of orders and increased loads in recent times. Hence, there is an urgent need to use cleaner and more efficient trucks to avoid further damage to the environment. It is anticipated that the new types of engines developed by the researchers at MIT University would pave way for several new developments in the domain of environment protection.

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