Cross-Coupling Research to Synthesize New Molecules for Pharmaceuticals


A research conducted at the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) has led to the development of a process that helps in cross-coupling reactions by partnering sulfones. This molecule-building technique also helps in catalyzing a reaction to join two distinct chemicals together. The new research would open avenues for studying a large number of chemical reactions in the future. Moreover, the synthesis of molecules that hold relevance for the pharmaceutical industry could also be enhanced by employing the results of the research. The crux of the findings is that it would now be possible to establish new types of bonds and compounds by blending distinct chemicals.

Drawing Information from Past Research

Previous research suggesting tremendous scope for development within the field of cross-coupling formed the basis of the current research. Moreover, key inputs from the pharmaceutical industry have also aided the researchers in channeling their research into the right direction. Previously, metal catalysts as well as techniques for amide-bond synthesis were used to transform carboxylic acids into several integral molecules. In the current research, the scientists emphasized on decrypting the ability of decarboxylative cross-coupling to facilitate the synthesis of natural products, pharmaceuticals, and other key molecules. 60 representative molecules were synthesized to portray the action of desulfonylative cross-coupling. An important highlight of the research was that alkyl-fluorinated compounds that were difficult to access with previous methods.

Simplifying Future Research

The researchers believe that a major concern of the chemists is to simply the processes within the pharmaceutical industry.  Hence, they are making efforts to further ease the system by making advancements in the field of molecular chemistry.

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