Dealing with Acrophobia through Virtual Whale Ride


Acrophobia, the fear of heights, haunts a large population of people across the world, and several factors could be responsible for the presence of this fear in people. However, researchers have lately observed a way of alleviating this fear in people through use of virtual reality simulators. A flying whale based on virtual reality technology that reaches great heights did not trigger fear or panic amongst acrophobic persons, and this has become a basis for the researchers to help ease the fear of heights. The researchers have further stated that treatments based on virtual reality are believed to play a significant role in treating mental and psychological disorders.

Perks of VR-Based Treatments

A VR-coach can be deployed to help the people in overcoming their fears by guiding them through various situations. This method is easy and affordable for people who are not in a position to buy services of a therapist. Acrophobia is extremely common across the world and a study finds that 1 in every 5 five people develop this fear at some point during their lifetime. Furthermore, acrophobia goes untreated in most cases as it is believed to be an unserious and harmless disorder.

 Treating Acrophobia

The researchers of the new study engaged a sample of 100 people half of whom were subjected to VR Treatments and the other half weren’t. Various tasks were assigned to the people under treatment in order to study their propensities, and the results were extremely useful. It was found that three-fourth of the people who were under VR-treatment underwent alleviation in their fear by at least 50%.

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