Deliveroo Jackets Targeted for ‘Anti-fashion’ Statements

Deliveroo Jackets Targeted for ‘Anti-fashion’ Statements

The fast-paced and often confusing world of fashion has found its latest mark, after the IKEA bags and the DHL t-shirts. Shirts and jackets being used by Deliveroo’s delivery people are being considered as the latest trend in ‘anti-fashion fashion.’

The jackets come from a recent rebranding idea by the company in October 2016. The jacket is made of very reflective nylon fabrics and sports a minimalistic company logo on the front. The company was launched in 2013 and claims that their jackets have been showing up on resale websites such as eBay, where employees and delivery persons have been selling off their older and used Deliveroo jackets. And apparently, these jackets have been selling like hot cakes.

Levi Aron, the country manager for Deliveroo, stated that their jackets making rounds in fashion circles is very flattering for the company and the jacket’s designers. He mentioned that he could be happy that people are taking to eBay to sell off their older Deliveroo jackets and uniform kits.

The ongoing fashion trend can be revealing into the mindset of the current generations that are surmised to be in a state of extreme convenience. Their desire to get anything and everything the instant they want it can be a strong contributor to the fashion trends and other relevant markets.

This trend also could be a signal of the resurrection of sporting logos on jackets, a core fashion trend from the 90s. Millennial idols and celebrities can be said to be at the core of this statement, thereby encouraging more and more young consumers to take up similar trends.

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