Delphi Joins BMW, Intel, and Mobileye Autonomous Driving Platform Team

Delphi Joins BMW, Intel, and Mobileye Autonomous Driving Platform Team

BMW, Intel, and Mobileye have a new partner in place to bolster their group effort to develop an autonomous driving platform. Having spun out from General Motors (GM) in 1999, Delphi will be working on a significantly automated driving software and sensor fusion along with Intel and Mobileye. The autonomous driving platform will be brought into production by 2021 set as a target year by the BMW, Intel, and Mobileye cluster. Automobile techies could be interested to know that Delphi had announced earlier in May 2017 that it would be creating an individual entity for its powertrain arm out of the autonomy and electric vehicle (EV) focused division. Earlier this year, Mobileye was acquired by Intel.

Delphi Impresses BMW, Intel, and Mobileye with Critical Role

Part of the co-developed self-driving platform, Delphi would also be sharing its talent with the collaborative team publicized first in July 2016 by supplying vital compute components. A prototype of the self-driving platform has already been supplied to the group by Delphi. The team of giant automobile companies appreciates the efforts of Delphi to potentially supply sensors and other supplementary hardware and work on other crucial aspects of the production. Technologies offered by other partners in the mix will be integrated by Delphi.

Delphi Added Other Weighty Deals to Resume Earlier

Partnerships often bring out the best of individual companies to create out-of-the-ordinary offerings. For instance, Intel and Delphi shook hands over an autonomous tech deal which transformed an Audi car into a driverless vehicle. Demonstrated at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the autonomous automobile exhibited its finesse on the busy streets of Las Vegas. The same driverless vehicle paraded its updated software by Delphi and systems and sensors from its partners at Intel’s newly built Autonomous Driving Garage in Silicon Valley. The opening event of the Intel Garage witnessed the U.S. debut of BMW’s one of the hottest and vastly automated test vehicles.

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