Denmark and U.S. to Collaborate on Expansion of Offshore Wind Power

Denmark and U.S. to Collaborate on Expansion of Offshore Wind Power

While the market for offshore wind power is well established in Europe, it still is in its nascent stage of development in the U.S. Now, Denmark, the European country hailed as one of the leaders of the offshore wind power industry, and the U.S. have decided to work in collaboration to help expand the offshore wind power generation capacity in both the countries.

The decision has been made despite the reluctance of U.S. President Trump regarding the establishment and further development of renewable energy sector in the country. Trump has instead famously vowed to revive the coal industry in the country. The U.S. president has also unsuccessfully tried to prevent the establishment of a wind power farm near his extravagant golf resort located in the Northeastern part of Scotland.

To further discussions in this regards and to formalize the collaboration, the Energy and Climate minister of Denmark, Lars Christian Lilleholt, met with the Interior Secretory of the U.S., Ryan Zinkein in Washington DC. On the occasion, the Danish minister added that being able to co-operate with the Trump administration formally regarding the scope of development of offshore wind power is a big thing. While Denmark is a small country, it is a superpower when it comes to wind energy.

In the early phases of the collaboration, the two countries will share knowledge and experience regarding how the offshore wind energy sector in the U.S. can be expanded. It has also been agreed that the Danish Energy Agency will exchange information regarding energy planning and district heating.

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