Development of Manmade Photo-catalysis Under Visible Light


Solar energy has become an important area of research for scientists and researchers across the globe. The potential of solar energy to generate power has been the key driver of the rapid advancements in the domain that have offset in the contemporary times. A team of scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has portrayed the ability of an oxyfluoride to facilitate light-driven photo-catalysis. The findings of the researchers are expected to aid the growth of the domain of solar energy and also open avenues for artificial photosynthesis. The breakthrough has been a resultant of years of efforts to succeed in developing man-made photocatalysis under visible light.

Wavelength of Photocatalytic Material

The long-term research initiatives taken by researchers to develop photocatalytic materials have finally come to a point of success. The development of pyrochlore[2] oxyfluoride has been a major breakthrough in this regard and is expected to help in creating an enviorment for artificial photosynthesis. Wavelength of around of 500 nanometers can be absorbed by the pyrochlore[2] oxyfluoride and has band gaps of unusually small size. Water splitting and Carbon dioxide reduction are the two prime functions of this manmade photocatalytic material and its formula is Pb2Ti2O5.4F1.2.

Limitations and Future Research

The researchers have expounded several theories behind the reaction of the photocatalytic material. An anomaly that occurred while analyzing the action of the material is the low photocatalysis yield of around 0.01%. However, future research is expected to fortify the prospects of growth.

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