Eco-Housing to Open Avenues for Sustainable Living


Sustainable living has been a major concern for government, international organizations, and stakeholders in the energy sector. Yale University and UN Environment, in collaboration with UN habitat, revealed a nascent module of eco-housing that would help in reducing the use natural resources and provide a greener framework for housing. The research has generated a wave of enthusiasm in the energy circles and has even resulted in public discussion and debates across the world. The research has also addressed issues relating to climate change, thus, making it easier for people to deal with seasonal problems. The researchers of the study designed a small house as a sample to test ways of reducing usage of natural resources.

Ecological Living Model

The model of eco-housing was revealed at UN’s forum for sustainable development and is expected to contribute towards elevating the standards of the eco-housing framework of the world. Bio-based and locally-obtained renewable materials were used for the design and development of the new module that is set to bring positive changes in the energy framework. The new unit designed by the researchers can easily accommodate 4 people and may serve both commercial and residential purposes. The head of UN Environment stated that there is a need for smart houses because the energy sector loses a large chunk of resources to the housing sector. Furthermore, it was also expounded by the executive director of UN-Habitat that there is an urgent need for adequate housing for sustainable urbanization.

Future of New Unit

The new module is expected to acts as a harbinger of sustainable housing across the world. Furthermore, the module is expected to fit into cultural contexts and climatic specifications of different regions.

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