Ecofriendly Trend: Tata Motors Unveils India’s first Bio-Methane Bus

Ecofriendly Trend: Tata Motors Unveils India’s first Bio-Methane Bus

Environmental concern as a result of pollution caused by fossil fuel is escalating, and in the recent past, ecofriendly energy production and consumption have grown as a trend that is gaining focus among several industries. The automotive sector is at the forefront of the greenhouse gas emission and hence, the advent of electric vehicles is expected to be a revolutionary step in the near future. In India though, electric cars still have a few hurdles to cross, and Tata Motors have realized the opportune moment to launch LCV, ICV, and MCV buses, which will be backed by bio-methane engines. The two powertrain options are 5.7 SGI and 3.8 SGI.

The Tata LPO 1613 bus was recently introduced at Urja Utsav, a bio-energy programme. The bus will feature the top-spec SGI NA BS-IV IOBD-II engine, which generates 123 bhp of power along with 405 nm of maximum torque. Tata Motors highlighted their belief that the shift towards bio-methane will not only be a strong step in the direction of reducing greenhouse gas emission for a cleaner environment, it also is in-sync with Indian Government’s Smart City initiative.

Bio-Methane Engine More Efficient and Application Friendly

Though there is no chalk and cheese difference between CNG-powered engine and a bio CNG-powered engine, the latter is more application friendly and efficient than the former as bio CNG only uses methane whereas in CNG, methane gas co-exists with other heavier hydrocarbons.

The LPO 1613 bus unveiled at the event is already operational in Maharashtra State’s Pune City, under the operations of PMPML, a local transportation body in the neighboring city to Mumbai.

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