Electrical Energy Storage is Focal Point at Inersolar South America

Electrical Energy Storage is Focal Point at Inersolar South America

Challenges and opportunities in energy generation and storing market in South America will be the main themes of the region’s biggest solar energy sector exhibition. Worldwide reports on market of energy storage mentions United States – specifically California – and Germany as the stand out performers in storing the electrical energy produced with the help of photovoltaic, because of large consumption and generation.

Even after Chile’s investments and some growth in Puerto Rico, Latin America still stands as the smallest energy storage market on a global level. Rising solar project number in the region such as in Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil are expected to propel the growth of energy storage market. The energy storage systems market in Brazil is sufficient is valued at 95 GW, sufficient only to meet the nation’s energy load for an hour.

Latin America offers one of the five biggest areas with solar potential in the world and rising share of solar energy combined together with other renewable sources of energy will announce the inception of structural changes in energy policy making and legislation. These changes though would not be without challenges in storage technologies, law making processes, smart transmission systems, and managing the ever-growing demand for energy.

Intersolar South America in its fifth edition will seek to address the need of frameworks for structuring regulatory and the suppliers’ business model evolution with a vision to make marketing energy more flexible in order to incorporate wider range of services in the industry. The key areas of interest in this year’s exhibition will be photovoltaics, production technologies for PV, thermos-solar technologies, and energy storage.

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