Energy Efficient Warehouses Market – Global Industry Analysis & Forecast | 2023

Energy efficient warehouses represent a major prospect for enhanced operations, reduced climate impact, low operational costs, and a further sustainable building stock through energy management. Energy efficient warehouses offer highly advanced inventory tracking and value added services such as repackaging and quality control testing. Growth in the energy consumption and efficiency in the energy measures can be a boon to the energy efficient warehouses market. Heating and lighting are expected to be the two major end uses for energy efficient warehouses accounted for the majority of total warehouse energy consumption.  Regularity in the maintenance is expected to play one of the important roles for maintaining lighting levels and maximizing energy savings. By implementing recent technologies for lighting, heating, cooling and refrigeration systems, warehouse owners can accomplish goals in energy efficiency. Development of energy efficient lighting scheme is expected to assist productivity and provide convenient environment. With more energy efficient warehouses, business can formulate greater profits and employees can work in more comfortable infrastructure. Lighting energy can be condensed by up to 50 percent, owing to the adoption of energy saving steps such as efficient fixtures, lamps, and controls.

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Energy efficient warehouses market can be segmented based on the technology for improving energy efficiency in warehouses. Radiant heating, reducing air infiltration, fluorescent lighting, metal halide lighting and occupancy sensors are few technologies in energy efficient warehouses market. In radiant heating, reduction in air temperature can diminish heat loss and energy consumption in warehouses. Advancement in metal halide technology can be efficiently utilized in new unconditioned warehouse facility. Customary maintenance of heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration systems including filter replacement regularly are some important factors for good operation and avoidance of energy waste. Even though, seals being one of the greatest sources of energy losses for warehouse facility, regularly repairing and checking gaps in seals are considered to be the energy saver.


Energy efficient warehouses market is expected to be one of the largest consumers of energy in the United States. Energy efficient warehouse market is expected to accelerate significantly in Asia Pacific. Developing countries such as China and India had shaped an integrated concept that facilitates environment friendly and sustainable operation of warehouses. Economic growth in developing countries such as China, South Korea and others is one of the major factors driving the demand for energy efficient warehouses market.


Sustainable source of private capital, availability of product, leverage public funds, efficient use of public subsidy and flexible options for sponsors are some benefits that are expected to drive energy efficient warehouses market. Efficient use of public subsidy is done to reduce the cost of capital, thereby increasing economies of scale as more and more loans are sold into the warehouse. Old fluorescent light fixtures have a further energy requirement for their magnetic control ballasts that is expected to consume 5 to 20 % of energy. Replacement of conventional florescent lighting system with modern warehouse lighting system can be a key solution to increase the energy efficiency in warehouses. Improved light distribution can provide improved safety standards & productivity in energy efficient warehouses.


Some of the major players in energy efficient warehouses market are Dialight plc, Ligman Lighting India Pvt. Ltd, Philips Lighting, BJ Electric Supply, Inc., BBC Lighting, Mid state Supply, Rapco Inc., Warehouse Lighting and Zhengzhou Inledco Lighting Co. Ltd among others.

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