Evaporative Condensing Unit Market – Key Players are Johnson Controls Inc, Baltimore Aircoil Company Inc, and DECSA s.r.l

Evaporative condensing unit decreases the heat rejection process using the cooling effect of evaporation. Lower part of condensing temperature leads to the reduction of compressor workload and this helps to attain fuel efficiency. This type of condenser are used for condensing some substance from its gaseous state to liquid state and helps to boost its cooling effect. Evaporative condensing units are of different sizes according to its application across various sectors such as household sector to commercial sector. Large evaporative condensing units are generally used as large air conditioning units for commercial purposes and with the rising performance efficiency the market for evaporative condensing units are expected to achieve growing market demand during the forecast period.

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Rising population coupled with increasing disposable income in emerging economies such as China, India and Malaysia among others is one of the major factors accelerating the growth potential of evaporative condensing unit market. Food processing, warehousing and food service industries are some of these industries that register high growth potential in these regions. Rising level of pollution increases average global temperature thus increasing the necessity of refrigeration in household as well as commercial sectors. Different types of industries such as food processing, warehouses and industrial chemical plants require advanced level of refrigeration process thus increasing the demand for evaporative condensing units in coming years. Owing to its durability, shelf life and adaptability, these type of evaporative condensing units are expected to witness growing market share over the forecast period.

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