Exfoliators and Scrubs Market – Continuous Research and Development Demands Growth

Exfoliators and scrubs are used to remove the dead skin cell present on the skin’s outermost surface. Exfoliators and scrubs are useful for all the skin types. Exfoliation involves the process of all facials and can be done through chemical and medicinal process. The process of exfoliation involves scrubbing of the skin with the help of an abrasive. Exfoliators and scrubs consists of fine diatoms that protects the skin’s surface and are largely preferred among the consumers. Scrubs available in the markets include, white tea, green tea and other oils for moisturizing which are used during the process of exfoliation.

Rising awareness regarding getting proper and healthy skin among the consumers are driving the exfoliators and scrubs market over the years. Exfoliation can be done with the help of exfoliating cleanser, pumice stone, loofah,and body brush and body lotion. Increased focus towards addressing both maturing and pre-maturely aging skin coupled with inclination towards proper skin treatment among the population are triggering the growth rate of the global exfoliators and scrubs market.

The global exfoliators and scrubs market are segmented on the basis of distribution channel and end user. By distribution channel the global exfoliators and scrubs market are segmented into online distribution channel and offline distribution channel. Offline distribution channel of exfoliators and scrubs is further segmented to hyper markets, super markets, departmental stores, specialty stores, pharmacies and drug stores and others. Online distribution channels of the exfoliators and scrubs are gaining significant importance over the years for exfoliators and scrubs due to its rising convenience, reduction in search costs among the consumers and presence of large number of international brands. Booming e-commerce industry of exfoliators and scrubs has resulted in the introduction of certified websites of the companies over the years.

However, offline distribution channels of exfoliators and scrubs are still preferred among the large percentage of population due to the delay involved in online purchase and consumption among the consumers.

 By end user the global exfoliators and scrubs market are segmented into men and women. Beautification among women regarding proper healthy skin are always a growing since a long time ago whereas demand for exfoliators and scrubs have become a new attraction in recent times.

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The global exfoliators and scrubs market are mainly driven by the rise in demand for the skin lightening products which helps in reducing discoloration, pigmentation, age spots, acne marks. Aging has become a growing concern among the population. Rising technology coupled with continuous research and development has resulted to the inclination towards use of exfoliators and scrubs products which improves the skin quality and thus generates quick solutions.

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