Flexible Power Generation Technique in Nuclear Plants to Promote Use Renewable Energy

Flexible Power Generation

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy has recently discovered some of the new techniques for flexible power generation that too in a flexible way. As per the study, if nuclear plants around the world, generate power in a comparatively more flexible manner, then the plants could reduce the costs of electricity for consumers, enhance the economics of nuclear energy, enable the use of renewable energy, and will also be able to help in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, the research study provides several ways and tools to explore promising benefits of nuclear operations in order to work in tandem along with greater shares of different sources of renewable power generation. The research team has further explored some technical constraints concerning the flexible power generation operations at nuclear power plants. The researchers have introduced a new technique to model how the power systems operate and how the challenges effects. The team stated that the concept of flexible nuclear power operations is a win-win-win situation, which will help in increasing revenues for the owners of nuclear plants owners, reduce the operation costs of power systems, and substantially reduce curtailment of renewable energy.

Typically, nuclear power plants run either at full capacity or not at all. Still the plants have the technical ability to adjust in order to cater to the changing demand for power across the globe. In addition, it will also help in accommodating sources of renewable energy such as solar power and wind power.

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